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Singularity analysis: a method for properly characterizing complexity in cardiodynamics
Pont O.
Dans International Conference on Complex Systems and Applications ICCSA2014 (2014) [hal-01053742 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server Exact Performance Analysis of the Oracle Receiver for Compressed Sensing Reconstruction
Coluccia G., Roumy A., Magli E.
Dans IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (ICASSP) (2014) [hal-00996695 - version 1]
Decentralized optimization of last-mile delivery services with non-cooperative bounded rational customers
Hayel Y., Quadri D., Jimenez T., Brotcorne L.
Annals of Operations Research (2014) [hal-01053487 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server A control variate approach based on a defect-type theory for variance reduction in stochastic homogenization

[hal-01053459 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server A viscosity framework for computing Pogorelov solutions of the Monge-Ampere equation
Benamou J.-D., Froese B. D.
(04/07/2014) [hal-01053454 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server Schemas for Unordered XML on a DIME

(30/07/2014) [hal-01053450 - version 1]
fulltext access OOPS: une approche orientée objet pour l'interrogation et l'analyse linguistique de l'interface prosodie/syntaxe/discours
Beliao J., Liutkus A.
Dans 4e Congrès Mondial de Linguistique Française 8 (2014) 2565-2581 [hal-01053422 - version 1]
fulltext access pOM: Linking Pen Gestures to Computer-Aided Composition Processes
Garcia J., Leroux P., Bresson J.
Dans 40th International Computer Music Conference (ICMC) joint with the 11th Sound & Music Computing conference (SMC) (2014) [hal-01053295 - version 2]
When script engravings reveal a semantic link between the conceptual and the spatial dimensions of a monument: the case of the Tomb of Emperor Qianlong
De Luca L., Busayarat C., De Domenico F., Lombardo J.-C., Pierrot-Deseilligny M., Stefani C., Wang F.
Dans 2013 Digital Heritage International Congress 1 (2013) 978-1-4799-3169-9 [hal-01053406 - version 1]
Web Visualization of Complex Reality-Based 3D Models with Nubes
Jimenez Fernandez Palacios B., Stefani C., Lombardo J.-C., De Luca L., Remondino F.
Dans 2013 Digital Heritage International Congress (2013) 978-1-4799-3169-9 [hal-01053403 - version 1]