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Prediction of chronic lung allograft dysfunction: a systems medicine challenge.
Pison C., Magnan A., Botturi K., Sève M., Brouard S., Marsland B. J., Ernst F., Paprotka T., Deplanche K., Fritz A. et al
European Respiratory Journal 43, 3 (2014) 689-93 [hal-01005892 - version 1]
fulltext access A transgenic mouse model engineered to investigate human brain-derived neurotrophic factor in vivo
Guillemot F., Cerutti I., Auffray C., Devignes M.-D.
Transgenic research. (2006) [inria-00103858 - version 1]
Alternative usage of 5' exons in the chicken nerve growth factor gene: refined characterization of a weakly expressed gene
Bertaux O., Toselli-Mollereau E., Auffray C., Devignes M.-D.
Gene 334 (2004) 83-97 [inria-00100186 - version 1]
Characterization of tissue expression and full-length coding sequence of a novel human gene mapping at 3q12.1 and transcribed in oligodendrocytes.
Fayein N.-A., Stankoff B., Auffray C., Devignes M.-D.
Gene 289, 1-2 (2002) 119-129 [inria-00000237 - version 1]
Inconsistencies between maps of human chromosome 22 correlate with increased frequency of disease-related Loci
Chelala C., Devignes M.-D., Imbeaud S., Zoorob R., Cox D., Auffray C., Curis E., Benazeth S.
Journal of Biological Systems 10 (2002) 303-317 [inria-00000241 - version 1]
Refined localization of twenty-one genes in subregion p13.1 of human chromosome 1
Chelala C., Imbeaud S., Devignes M.-D., Zoorob R., Auffray C.
Cytogenetics and Cell Genetics 92, 3-4 (2001) 209-212 [inria-00000242 - version 1]
The Genexpress IMAGE Knowledge base of human brain : a prototype of integrated resource for functional and computational genomics
Pietu G., Mariage-Samson R., Fayein N., Matingou C., Eveno E., Houlgatte R., Decraene C., Vandenbrouck Y., Tahi F., Devignes M.-D. et al
Genome Researchearch 9, 2 (1999) 195-209 [inria-00098890 - version 1]
Detailed transcript map of a 810-kb region at 11p14 involving identification of 10 novel human 3' exons
Guillemot F., Auffray C., Devignes M.-D.
European Journal of Human Genetics 7, 4 (1999) 487-495 [inria-00098891 - version 1]