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Analysis of strategies for building group profiles
Senot C., Dimitre K., Bouzid M., Picault J., Aghasaryan A., Bernier C.
Dans 18th International Conference on User Modeling, Adaptation and Personalization - UMAP 2010 6075 (2010) 40--51 [inria-00548890 - version 1]
fulltext access Topology of communities for the collaborative recommendations to groups
Bernier C., Brun A., Aghasaryan A., Bouzid M., Picault J., Senot C.
Dans 3rd International Conference on Information Systems and Economic Intelligence - SIIE'2010 (2010) 6 p. [hal-00546932 - version 1]
Multi-Domain Self Aware Management : Negotiation and Monitoring
Ciarletta L., Piekarec S., Aghasaryan A., Pouyllau H., Haar S., Fabre E., Mbarek N.
In 13th International Conference on Telecommunications - ICT 2006 (2006) [inria-00106791 - version 1]
X-domain QoS budget negotiation using Dynamic Programming
Ciarletta L., Pouyllau H., Aghasaryan A., Haar S.
Dans Advanced International Conference on Telecommunications and International Conference on Internet and Web Applications and Services - AICT 2006 / ICIW 2006 (2006) 35 [inria-00106789 - version 1]
User and Usage Profiling in a Multi-Platform Service Environment
Aghasaryan A., Betge-Brezetz S., Raschia G., Gelgon M.
Dans Workshop on Adaptivity and User Modeling in Interactive Systems (ABIS'06) (2006) 14-16 [hal-00480693 - version 1]
Algorithms for Distributed Fault Management in Telecommunications Networks
Fabre E., Benveniste A., Haar S., Jard C., Aghasaryan A.
Dans Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Telecommunications (ICT'04) 3124 (2004) 820-825 [inria-00638325 - version 1]