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BioMAJ: a flexible framework for databanks synchronization and processing
Filangi O., Beausse Y., Assi A., Legrand L., Larre J.-M., Martin V., Collin O., Caron C., Leroy H., Allouche D.
Bioinformatics 24, 16 (2008) 1823-1825 [inria-00327502 - version 1]
fulltext access GridR: An R-based grid-enabled tool for data analysis in ACGT clinico-genomics trials
Wegener D., Sengstag T., Sfakianakis S., Rüping S., Assi A.
Dans 3rd IEEE International Conference on e-Science and Grid Computing (2007) [inria-00179078 - version 1]
BioMAJ : A workflow engine dedicated to biological bank management
Allouche D., Assi A., Beausse Y., Caron C., Filangi O., Larre J.-M., Leroy H., Martin V.
Jobim 2007 (2007) [inria-00176506 - version 1]