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Using a mathematical model to simulate the influence of tubifi cid worms (Oligochaeta) on oxygen concentrations in hyporheic sediments
Mermillod-Blondin F., Poggiale J.C., Tolla C., Auger P., Thuiller W., Des Châtelliers M.C.
Fundamental and Applied Limnology : Archive fuer Hydrobiologie 172, 2 (2008) 135-145 [halsde-00321215 - version 1]
Effect of agressive behaviour on age-structured population dynamics
Chambon-Dubreuil E., Auger P., Gaillard J.-M., Khaladi M.
Ecological Modelling 193 (2006) 777-786 [hal-00428014 - version 1]
Effet of asymetric dispersal and environmental gradients on the stability of host-parasitoid systems
Lett C., Auger P., Fleury F.
Oikos 109 (2005) 603-613 [hal-00427778 - version 1]
Continuous cycling of grouped vs solitary strategy frequencies in a predator-prey model
Lett C., Auger P., Gaillard J.-M.
Theoretical Population Biology 65 (2004) 263-270 [hal-00427619 - version 1]
Ecotoxicology and spatial modeling in population dynamics: an illustration with brown trout
Chaumot A., Charles S., Flammarion P., Auger P.
Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 22 (2003) 958-969 [hal-00427386 - version 1]
Do migratory or demographic disruptions rule the population impact of pollution in spatial networks?
Chaumot A., Charles S., Flammarion P., Auger P.
Theoretical Population Biology 64 (2003) 473-480 [hal-00427387 - version 1]
Host Patch Selection Induced by Parasitism: Basic Reproduction Ratio R0 and Optimal Virulence
Charles S., Morand S., Chassé J.-L., Auger P.
Theoretical Population Biology 62 (2002) 97-109 [hal-00427313 - version 1]
Using aggregation methods to assess toxicant effects on population dynamics in spatial systems
Chaumot A., Charles S., Flammarion P., Garric J., Auger P.
Ecological Applications 12 (2002) 1771-1784 [hal-00427256 - version 1]
Annual spawning migrations in modelling brown trout population dynamics inside an arborescent river network
Charles S., Bravo De La Parra R., Mallet J.-P., Persat H., Auger P.
Ecological Modelling 133 (2000) 15-31 [hal-00427117 - version 1]
Aggregation and emergence in ecological modelling: integration of ecological levels
Auger P., Charles S., Viala M., Poggiale J.-C.
Ecological Modelling 127 (2000) 11-20 [hal-00427101 - version 1]