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Spread of Avian Influenza Viruses by Common Teal textit(Anas crecca) in Europe
Lebarbenchon C., Albespy F., Brochet A.L., Grandhomme V., Renaud F., Fritz H., Green A.J., Thomas F., Van Der Werf S., Aubry P. et al
PLoS ONE 4(10) (2009) 1-9 [hal-00539482 - version 1]
Seasonal variation in diet composition and similarity of sympatric red deer Cervus elaphus and roe deer Capreolus capreolus
Storms D., Aubry P., Hamann J.-L., Saïd S., Fritz H., Saint-Andrieux C., Klein F.
Wildlife biology 14 (2008) 237-250 [hal-00428225 - version 1]
Estimation of the mean from a two-dimensional sample: the geostatistical model-based approach
Aubry P., Debouzie D.
Ecology 59 (2001) 1484-1494 [hal-00427127 - version 1]
Geostatistical estimation variance for the spatial mean in two dimensional systematic sampling.
Aubry P., Debouzie D.
Ecology 81 (2000) 543-553 [hal-00427039 - version 1]
A temperature cline in copy number for 412 but not roo/B104 retrotransposons in populations of Drosophila simulans
Vieira C., Aubry P., Lepetit D., Biémont C.
Proceedings of The Royal Society B-Biological Sciences 265 (1998) 1161-1165 [hal-00428504 - version 1]