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Modèles, systèmes d'information et gestion viable De l'environnement (MOTIVE) d'IRSTEA
Rapaport A., Auger P., Gensel J., Labiod H., Sebag M.
(2012) [hal-00859578 - version 1]
Basic Reproduction Ratio for a Fishery Model in a Patchy Environment.
Auger P., Moussaoui A., Sallet G.
Acta Biotheoretica 60, 1-2 (2012) 167-188 [hal-00656184 - version 1]
fulltext access French Roadmap for complex Systems 2008-2009
Chavalarias D., Bourgine P., Perrier E., Amblard F., Arlabosse F., Auger P., Baillon J.-B., Barreteau O., Baudot P., Bouchaud E. et al
This second issue of the French Complex Systems Roadmap by the French National Network for Complex SYstems (http://RNSC.fr) and the Paris Ile-de-France Complex Systems Institute (http://iscpif.fr) is the outcome of the "Entretiens de Cargèse 2008", an interdisciplinary brainstorming session organized over one week in 2008, jointly by RNSC, ISC-PIF and IXXI. It capitalizes on the first roadmap and gathers contributions of more than 70 scientists from major French institutions. (2009) [hal-00392486 - version 1]
Effects of a disease affecting a predator on the dynamics of a predator-prey system
Auger P., Mchich R., Chowdhury T., Sallet G., Tchuente M., Chattopadhyay J.
Journal of Theoretical Biology 258, 3 (2009) 344-351 [hal-00764623 - version 1]
fulltext access Effect of the number of patches in a multi-patch SIRS model with fast migration on the basic reproduction rate
Kouokam E., Auger P., Hbid H., Tchuente M.
Acta Biotheoretica 56, 1-2 (2008) 75-86 [ird-00296726 - version 1]
Effect of movement frequency on global host-parasitoid spatial dynamics with unstable local dynamics
Nguyen Huu T., Lett C., Poggiale J.-C., Auger P.
Ecological Modelling xx (2006) xx [hal-00087863 - version 1]
Spatial synchrony in host-parasitoid models using aggregation of variables
Nguyen Huu T., Lett C., Auger P., Poggiale J.-C.
Mathematical Biosciences xx (2006) xx [hal-00087861 - version 1]
Effect of predator density dependent dispersal of prey on stability of a predator-prey system
Rachid M., Auger P., Poggiale J.-C.
Mathematical Biosciences XX (2006) XX [hal-00019963 - version 1]