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Wing geometry as a tool for discrimination of Obsoletus group (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae: Culicoides) in France.
Henni L. H., Sauvage F., Ninio C., Depaquit J., Augot D.
Infection, Genetics and Evolution 21 (2014) 110-7 [hal-00965064 - version 1]
Morphometric and molecular characterization of the series Guyanensis (Diptera, Psychodidae, Psychodopygus) from the Ecuadorian Amazon Basin with description of a new species.
Zapata S., León R., Sauvage F., Augot D., Trueba G., Cruaud C., Couloux A., Terán R., Depaquit J.
Infection, Genetics and Evolution 12, 5 (2012) 966-77 [hal-00965430 - version 1]
Spatial and temporal patterning of bank vole demography and the epidemiology of the Puumala hantavirus in northeastern France
Augot D., Sauvage F., Boue F., Bouloy M., Artois M., Demerson J.-M., Combes B., Coudrier D., Zeller H., Cliquet F. et al
Epidemiology and Infection 136(12) (2008) 1638-1643 [hal-00428243 - version 1]