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By interacting with the C-terminal Phe of apelin, Phe255 and Trp259 in helix VI of the apelin receptor are critical for internalization.
Iturrioz X., Gerbier R., Leroux V., Alvear-Perez R., Maigret B., Llorens-Cortes C.
The Journal of Biological Chemistry 285, 42 (2010) 32627-32637 [hal-00547969 - version 1]
Identification and pharmacological properties of E339-3D6, the first nonpeptidic apelin receptor agonist
Iturrioz X., Alvear-Perez R., De Mota N., Franchet C., Guillier F., Leroux V., Dabire H., Le Jouan M., Chabane H., Gerbier R. et al
FASEB Journal 24, 5 (2010) 1506-1517 [hal-00547967 - version 1]
Functional dissociation between apelin receptor signaling and endocytosis: implications for the effects of apelin on arterial blood pressure
Iturrioz X., El Messari S., De Mota N., Fassot C., Alvear-Perez R., Maigret B., Llorens-Cortes C.
Archives des maladies du coeur et des vaisseaux 100, 8 (2007) 704-8 [inserm-00424423 - version 1]