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The dynamics of energy allocation in adult arrhenotokous and thelytokous Venturia canescens
Pelosse P., Amat I., Bernstein C., Desouhant E.
Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata 135(1) (2010) 68-76 [hal-00539446 - version 1]
Differential use of conspecific-derived information by sexual and asexual parasitic wasps exploiting partially depleted host patches
Amat I., Desouhant E., Bernstein C.
Behavioral ecology and sociobiology 63 (2009) 563-572 [hal-00428321 - version 1]
The influence of the temperature and host availability on the host exploitation strategies of sexual and asexual parasitic wasps of the same species
Amat I., Castelo M., Desouhant E., Bernstein C.
Oecologia 148 (2006) 153-161 [hal-00427889 - version 1]
Host and food searching in a parasitic wasp Venturia canescens: a trade-off between current and future reproduction?
Desouhant E., Driessen G., Amat I., Bernstein C.
Animal Behaviour 70 (2005) 145-152 [hal-00427741 - version 1]
Coexistence de la reproduction sexuée et asexuée chez l'hyménoptère parasitoïde Venturia canescens : Aspects comportementaux et écologiques
Amat I.
incollection -- (2004) 409-418 [hal-00427635 - version 1]
Does a deletion in a virus-like particle protein pleiotropic have effects on the reproductive biology of a parasitoid wasp?
Amat I., Bernstein C., Van Alphen J. J.M.
Journal of Insect Physiology 49 (2003) 1183-1188 [hal-00427353 - version 1]