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(Description of patients with confirmed influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 admitted to an intensive care unit and identification of severity risk factors).
Payet C., Lutringer-Magnin D., Cassier P., Lina B., Argaud L., Allaouchiche B., Vanhems P.
Med Mal Infect 43, 2 (2013) 81-4 [hal-00965784 - version 1]
Early-onset ventilator-associated pneumonia incidence in intensive care units: a surveillancebased study
Vanhems P., Bénet T., Voirin N., Januel J.-M., Lepape A., Allaouchiche B., Argaud L., Chassard D., Guérin C.
Infectious Diseases 11 (2011) 1-6 [hal-00698293 - version 1]
Risk factors for nosocomial bacteraemia in intensive care units vary depending on causative agents: results of a prospective surveillance study from 2003 to 2006
Khanafer N., Allaouchiche B., Argaud L., Lepape A., Guerin C., Girard R., Voirin N., Vanhems P.
Journal of Hospital Infection -- (2011) 1-2 [hal-00697984 - version 1]
Preconditioning during coronary angioplasty: no influence of collateral perfusion or the size of the area at risk
Argaud L., Rioufol G., Lièvre M., Bontemps L., Legalery P., Stumpf M., Finet G., Itti R., Andre-Fouet X., Ovize M.
European heart journal 25 (2004) 2019-2025 [hal-00427504 - version 1]