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Feeding behaviour of sheep on shrubs in response to contrasting herbaceous cover in rangelands dominated by Cytisus scoparius L.
Pontes L., Agreil C., Magda D., Gleizes B., Fritz H.
Applied Animal Behaviour Science 124(1-2) (2010) 35-44 [hal-00539477 - version 1]
Adjustement of feeding choices and intake by a ruminant foraging in varied and variable environments: new insights from continous bite monitoring
Agreil C., Meuret M., Fritz H.
incollection -- (2006) 302-325 [hal-00427871 - version 1]
Maintenance of daily intake through bite mass diversity adjustment in sheep grazing on heterogeneous and variable vegetation
Agreil C., Fritz H., Meuret M.
Applied Animal Behaviour Science 91 (2005) 35-36 [hal-00427831 - version 1]