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fulltext access A Conceptual-KDD approach and its application to cultural heritage
Stanley R., Astudillo H., Codocedo V., Napoli A.
Dans Concept Lattices and their Applications (2013) 163-174 [hal-00880002 - version 1]
fulltext access Using pattern structures to support information retrieval with Formal Concept Analysis
Codocedo V., Lykourentzou I., Astudillo H., Napoli A.
Dans International Workshop "What can FCA do for Artificial Intelligence?" (2013) 15-24 [hal-00880020 - version 1]
Mitigating the obsolescence of quality specifications models in service-based systems
Torres R., Astudillo H., Bencomo N.
Dans Workshop MoDRE 2012, Model-driven Requirements Engineering Workshop (2012) [hal-00719049 - version 1]
Market-awareness in Service-based Systems
Torres R., Astudillo H., Bencomo N.
Dans 2nd Workshop on Challenges for Achieving Self-Awareness in Autonomic Systems @ SASO 2012 (2012) [hal-00726332 - version 1]
fulltext access Cheating to achieve Formal Concept Analysis over a large formal context
Codocedo V., Taramasco C., Astudillo H.
In The Eighth International Conference on Concept Lattices and their Applications - CLA 2011 (2011) 349-362 [hal-00654576 - version 1]
fulltext access Combining knowledge discovery, ontologies, annotations, and semantic wikis
Astudillo H., Codocedo V., Canals G., Torres D., Diaz A., Napoli A., Gomes A. K., Pimentel M.-G.
In Webmedia Minicourse Book, SBC (Ed.) (2009) [inria-00435659 - version 1]
From data to knowledge through collaboration: bridging Wikis and Knowledge Systems
Astudillo H., Canals G., Diaz A., Napoli A., Pimentel M.-G.
In COLIBRI (2009) [inria-00434397 - version 1]