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fulltext access A Hybrid Classification Approach based on FCA and Emerging Patterns - An application for the classification of biological inhibitors
Asses Y., Buzmakov A., Bourquard T., Kuznetsov S. O., Napoli A.
Dans CLA'12: The Ninth International Conference on Concept Lattices and Their Applications - 2012 (2012) [hal-00761586 - version 1]
Recent Trends and Applications in 3D Virtual Screening
Ghemtio L., Pérez-Nueno V. I., Leroux V., Asses Y., Souchet M., Mavridis L., Maigret B., Ritchie D.
Combinatorial Chemistry and High Throughput Screening 15, 9 (2012) 749-769 [hal-00756800 - version 1]
Identification of new aminoacid amides containing the imidazo(2,1-b)benzothiazol-2-ylphenyl moiety as inhibitors of tumorigenesis by oncogenic Met signaling.
Furlan A., Colombo F., Kover A., Issaly N., Tintori C., Angeli L., Leroux V., Letard S., Amat M., Asses Y. et al
European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 47, 1 (2012) 239-54 [hal-00843388 - version 1]
fulltext access Conception par modélisation et criblage in silico d'inhibiteurs du récepteur c-Met
Asses Y.
Université Henri Poincaré - Nancy I (03/10/2011), M. Bernard Maigret (Dir.) [tel-00653609 - version 1]
Analysis of c-Met Kinase Domain Complexes: A New Specific Catalytic Site Receptor Model for Defining Binding Modes of ATP-Competitive Ligands
Asses Y., Leroux V., Tairi-Kellou S., Dono R., Maina F., Maigret B.
Chemical Biology & Drug Design 74, 6 (2009) 560-570 [inria-00435159 - version 1]