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fulltext access Combining Grid and Cloud Resources by Use of Middleware for SPMD Application
Amedro B., Baude F., Huet F., Mathias E.
Dans 2nd International Conference on Cloud Computing Technology and Science (2010) 177-184 [inria-00538549 - version 1]
fulltext access HPC in Java: Experiences in Implementing the NAS Parallel Benchmarks
Amedro B., Caromel D., Huet F., Bodnartchouk V., Delbé C., L. Taboada G.
APPLIED INFORMATICS AND COMMUNICATIONS (2010) [inria-00504630 - version 1]
An efficient framework for running applications on clusters, grids, and clouds
Amedro B., Baude F., Caromel D., Delbé C., Filali I., Huet F., Mathias E., Smirnov O.
Dans Cloud Computing, Springer (Ed.) (2010) 163-178 [hal-00694011 - version 1]
fulltext access Current State of Java for HPC
Amedro B., Bodnartchouk V., Caromel D., Delbe C., Huet F., Taboada G. L.
N° RT-0353 (2008) [inria-00312039 - version 1]