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fulltext access Master-Slave Control structure for massively parallel System on Chip
Krichene H., Baklouti M., Dekeyser J.-L., Marquet P., Abid M.
Dans DSD SEAA - 16th Euromicro Conference on Digital System Design (2013) [hal-00906906 - version 1]
fulltext access Broadcast with mask on a Massively Parallel Processing on a Chip
Krichene H., Baklouti M., Abid M., Marquet P., Dekeyser J.-L.
workshop drnoc2012 (2012) [hal-00688418 - version 1]
A Multi-Level Design Methodology of Multistage Interconnection Network for MPSOCs
Aydi Y., Baklouti M., Dekeyser J.-L., Abid M.
International Journal of Computer Applications in Technology (IJCAT) 42, 1-2 (2011) [inria-00563733 - version 1]
A Design Methodology of MIN-Based Network for MPPSoC on Reconfigurable Architecture
Aydi Y., Baklouti M., Marquet P., Dekeyser J.-L., Abid M.
Dans Reconfigurable Embedded Control Systems: Applications for Flexibility and Agility, IGI-Global (Ed.) (2011) 209-234 [inria-00563719 - version 1]
fulltext access IP based configurable SIMD massively parallel SoC
Baklouti M., Marquet P., Dekeyser J.-L., Abid M.
Dans 20th International Conference on Field Programmable Logic and Applications, FPL 2010 (2010) [inria-00525333 - version 1]
Design and Performance Estimation of Delta Networks for MPSOC on Programmable Circuits
Aydi Y., Abid M., Dekeyser J.-L.
International Journal on Sciences and Techniques of Automatic control & computer engineering (IJ-STA) 4, 1 (2010) 1126-1137 [inria-00563743 - version 1]
fulltext access Scalable mpNoC for massively parallel systems - Design and implementation on FPGA
Baklouti M., Aydi Y., Marquet P., Dekeyser J.-L., Abid M.
Journal of Systems Architecture 56, 7 (2010) 278 - 292 [inria-00525343 - version 1]
fulltext access Reconfigurable Communication Networks in a Parametric SIMD Parallel System on Chip
Baklouti M., Marquet P., Dekeyser J.-L., Abid M.
Dans 6th International Symposium on Applied Reconfigurale Computing, ARC 2010 5992 (2010) 110-121 [inria-00524987 - version 1]
A new method to improve Network Selection
Abid M., Afifi H., Kamoun F., Dabbous W.
Dans The 2nd Joint Conference on Security in Network Architectures and Information Systems (SAR-SSI'07) (2007) 351-362 [hal-00629918 - version 1]