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fulltext access Design of a Haptic Magnifier using an Ultrasonic Motor
Giraud F., Amberg M., GIRAUD-AUDINE C., Lemaire-Semail B.
Dans Eurohaptics 2014 (2014) 7 p. [hal-01043960 - version 1]
fulltext access Closed-Loop Control for Squeeze Film Effect in Tactile Stimulator
Ben Messaoud W., LEMAIRE-SEMAIL B., Bueno M.-A., Amberg M., Giraud F.
Dans International Conference and exhibition on new actuators and drives (Actuator 2014) (2014) 1-4 [hal-01018412 - version 1]
fulltext access Using an Ultrasonic Transducer to Produce Tactile Rendering on a Touchscreen
(07/05/2014) [hal-01018415 - version 1]
A simulation from a tactile device to render the touch of textile fabrics: a preliminary study on velvet
Bueno M.-A., Lemaire-Semail B., Amberg M., Giraud F.
Textile Research Journal (2014) 1-13 [hal-01018393 - version 1]
Vector control method applied to a traveling wave in a finite beam
Giraud F., GIRAUD-AUDINE C., Amberg M., Lemaire-Semail B.
Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics and Frequency Control, IEEE Transactions on 61, 1 (2014) 147-158 [hal-00924624 - version 1]
fulltext access Analysis of the energy harvesting performance of a piezoelectric bender outside its resonance
Amanci A., Giraud F., GIRAUD-AUDINE C., Amberg M., Dawson F., Lemaire-Semail B.
(01/01/2014) [hal-01044406 - version 1]
Contribution of slip cue to curvature perception through active and dynamic touch
Zeng T., Giraud F., Lemaire-Semail B., Amberg M.
IEEE Transactions on Haptics 6, 4 (2013) 408-416 [hal-00924729 - version 1]
A method to HARvest energy from a hapTIC display in a handheld device: A preliminary study
Giraud F., Dawson F., GIRAUD-AUDINE C., Amberg M., Lemaire-Semail B.
Dans Power Electronics and Applications (EPE), 2013 15th European Conference on (2013) [hal-00924702 - version 1]
A simplified power supply for piezoelectric actuators used in forging processes
GIRAUD-AUDINE C., Amberg M., Giraud F., Lemaire-Semail B.
Dans 2013 15th European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications, EPE 2013 (2013) [hal-00924669 - version 1]
Power Consideration in a Piezoelectric Generator
Rémi T., Giraud F., Adrian A., Francis D., GIRAUD-AUDINE C., Amberg M., Lemaire-Semail B.
Smart Materials Research 2013 (2013) [hal-00924639 - version 1]