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Model-Driven and Software Product Line Engineering
Arboleda H., Royer J.-C.
ISTE LTd and John Wiley & Sons, Inc. (Ed.) (2012) 288 [hal-00734143 - version 1]
Component types qualification in Java legacy code driven by communication integrity rules
Arboleda H., Royer J.-C.
In ISEC 2011 : India Software Engineering Conference (2011) 155-164 [hal-00621001 - version 1]
Fiesta Toolkit: Model-Driven Software Product Lines in Practice
Arboleda H., Romero A., Casallas R., Royer J.-C.
In Brazilian Conference on Software: Theory and Practice (2010) 61--66 [hal-00536847 - version 1]
Automated Reasoning for Derivation of Model-Driven SPLs
Arboleda H., Vargas V., Diaz Juan F., Royer J.-C.
In 2nd International Workshop on Model-driven Approaches in Software Product Line Engineering (MAPLE 2010) at SPLC 2010 Volume 2 (2010) 181--188 [hal-00536845 - version 1]
fulltext access FieSta: An approach for Fine-Grained Scope Definition, Configuration and Derivation of Model-Driven Software Product Lines
Arboleda H.
Université de Nantes Universidad Los Andès, Bogota (28/10/2009), Jean-Claude Royer et Rubby Casallas (Dir.) [tel-00484779 - version 1]
Dealing with Fine-Grained Configurations in Model-Driven SPLs
Arboleda H., Casallas R., Royer J.-C.
Dans SPLC (2009) 1-10 [hal-00418552 - version 1]
Product Derivation in a Model-Driven Software Product Line using Decision Models
Arboleda H., Romero A., Casallas R., Royer J.-C.
Dans IDEAS (2009) 59--72 [hal-00418555 - version 1]
Traceability for Model Driven, Software Product Line Engineering
Anquetil N., Grammel B., Galvão I., Noppen J., Shakil Khan S., Arboleda H., Rashid A.
Dans ECMDA Traceability Workshop (2008) 77--86 [hal-00486706 - version 1]
Lignes de produits logiciels et usines logicielles
Anquetil N., Arboleda H., Fabricio F., Nunez A., Royer J.-C.
RSTI - L'objet, Usines logicielles et lignes de produits logiciels 14, 3 (2008) 15-31 [hal-00412398 - version 1]
fulltext access Using Transformation-Aspects in Model-Driven Software Product Lines
Arboleda H., Casallas R., Royer J.-C.
Dans Proceedings of the 3th International Workshop on Aspects, Dependencies, and Interactions at 22nd European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming (ECOOP'07) (2009) 46--56 [hal-00412366 - version 1]