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fulltext access Global stability for SIR and SIRS models with differential mortality
Adda P., Bichara D.
International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, IJPAM 80, 3 (2012) 425-433 [hal-00675359 - version 2]
A SVEIR model with Imperfect Vaccine
Adda P., Nkague Nkambaa L., Sallet G., Castelli L.
In CMPD 3 Conference on Computational and Mathematical Population Dynamics (2010) [hal-00764764 - version 1]
A SIR model with differential mortality and constant population
Bichara D., Fall A. A., Adda P., Sallet G.
In 10th African Conference on Research in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics (2010) [hal-00764648 - version 1]