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Processing pipeline for digitalizing the lineage tree of early zebrafish embryogenesis from multiharmonic imaging
A. Luengo-Oroz M., Savy T., L. Rubio J., Duloquin L., Faure E., Olivier N., Ledesma-Carbayo M., Debarre D., Bourgine P., Beaurepaire E. et al
Dans Biomedical Imaging : From Nano to Macro, IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (Ed.) (2011) 1561-1564 [hal-00723346 - version 1]
Can Voronoi diagram model cell geometries in early sea-urchin embryogenesis ?
A. Luengo-Oroz M., Duloquin L., Castro C., Savy T., Faure E., Lombardot B., Bourgine P., Peyriéras N., Santos A.
Dans Biomedical Imaging: From Nano to Macro, IEEE (Ed.) (2008) 504-507 [hal-00723387 - version 1]