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fulltext access VirtualEnaction: A Platform for Systemic Neuroscience Simulation.
Denoyelle, N., Pouget, F., Viéville T., Alexandre F.
Dans Neuro-Bio-Inspired Computation and Architectures - NeBICA 2014 (2014) [hal-01063054 - version 1]
Comprendre le système le plus complexe de notre planète ?
Alexandre F., Carvajal C., Viéville T.
Mathématique pour la planète Terre, Un jour une brève (2013) [hal-00919818 - version 1]
A modeling study of the dynamic interplay between pathways in the thalamocortical visual system: The Magno and Koniocellular streams case
Carvajal C., Viéville T., Alexandre F.
Poster of past and ongoing thesis/research work for the autumn conference of my graduate school (APIL: Annual PhD students conference IAEM Lorraine) (2013) [hal-00874115 - version 1]
To flee or not to flee? Neural Field dynamics shape information flows in a model of the thalamocortical visual system
Carvajal C., Viéville T., Alexandre F.
Dans BC - Bernstein Conference - 2013 (2013) [hal-00858473 - version 1]
Impact of the Konio pathway in the thalamocortical visual system: a modeling study
Carvajal C., Viéville T., Alexandre F.
Dans CNS - 22nd Annual Computational Neuroscience Meeting - 2013 (2013) [hal-00826704 - version 1]
When early vision in the retina attempts to take decisions about visual motion events : the role of konio cells
Teftef E., Carvajal C., Viéville T., Alexandre F.
Dans Third International Symposium on Biology of Decision Making (2013) [hal-00826099 - version 1]
fulltext access Modeling non-standard retinal in/out function using computer vision variational methods
Teftef E., Escobar M.-J., Astudillo A., Carvajal C., Cessac B., Palacios A., Viéville T., Alexandre F.
N° RR-8217 (2013) [hal-00783091 - version 2]
A basic model of saccades encoding
Taouali W., Rougier N. P., Alexandre F.
In The NeuroComp/KEOpS'12 workshop (2012) [hal-00804303 - version 1]
fulltext access Konio Pathway: An Instinctive Visual Mechanism for Survival and Decision Making?
Carvajal C., Viéville T., Alexandre F.
In NeuroComp/KEOpS'12 workshop beyond the retina: from computational models to outcomes in bioengineering. Focus on architecture and dynamics sustaining information flows in the visuomotor system. (2012) [hal-00756471 - version 1]
fulltext access Postsynaptic dysfunction is associated with spatial and object recognition memory loss in a natural model of Alzheimer's disease.
Ardiles A. O., Tapia-Rojas C. C., Mandal M., Alexandre F., Kirkwood A., Inestrosa N. C., Palacios A. G.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 109, 34 (2012) 13835-40 [hal-00746807 - version 1]