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Structural, functional and evolutionary analysis of the unusually large stilbene synthase gene family in grapevine (Vitis vinifera).
Parage C., Tavares R., Réty S., Baltenweck-Guyot R., Poutaraud A., Renault L., Heintz D., Lugan R., Marais G., Aubourg S. et al
Plant Physiology 160 (2012) 1407-1419 [hal-00753657 - version 1]
Organization and structural evolution of four multigene families in Arabidopsis thaliana: AtLCAD AtLGT AtMYST and AtHD-GL2
Tavares R., Aubourg S., Lecharny A., Kreis M.
Plant Molecular Biology 42 (2000) 703-717 [hal-00427108 - version 1]