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fulltext access When Systems Engineering Meets Software Language Engineering
Jézéquel J.-M., Mendez D., Degueule T., Combemale B., Barais O.
Dans CSD&M'14 - Complex Systems Design & Management (2014) [hal-01024166 - version 1]
fulltext access A formal framework to prove the correctness of model driven engineering composition operators
Kezadri M., Pantel M., Combemale B., Thirioux X.
fulltext access Sparse reconstruction from Multiple-Angle Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence Microscopy
Soubies E., Blanc Féraud L., Schaub S., Aubert G.
Dans ICIP - International Conference on Image Processing (2014) [hal-01037895 - version 1]
Single image super-resolution using sparse representations with structure constraints
Ferreira J. C., Le Meur O., Guillemot C., Da Silva E. A. B., Carrijo G. A.
Dans IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (2014) [hal-00995052 - version 1]
fulltext access Epitome inpainting with in-loop residue coding for image compression
Chérigui S., Alain M., Guillemot C., Thoreau D., Guillotel P.
Dans ICIP - IEEE International Conference on Image Processing 2014 (2014) [hal-00994418 - version 1]
Are middlewares ready for multi-robots systems?
Chitic S.-G., Ponge J., Simonin O.
Dans International Conference on Simulation, Modeling, and Programming for Autonomous Robots (2014) - [hal-01024760 - version 1]
Validation of Memory Accesses Through Symbolic Analyses
Santos H. N. W., Maffra I., Oliveira L., Pereira F., Gonnord L.
submitted to OOPSLA, currently in revision process (accepted with revision) (2014) [hal-01006209 - version 1]
Spread Transform and Roughness-based Shaping to Improve 3D Watermarking based on Quadratic Programming
Xavier R.-N., Doërr G., Alliez P.
Dans International Conference on Image Processing (2014) [hal-01026353 - version 1]
Capturing Android Malware Behaviour using System Flow Graph
Andriatsimandefitra R., Viet Triem Tong V.
Dans NSS 2014 - The 8th International Conference on Network and System Security (2014) [hal-01018611 - version 1]
fulltext access Transfer as a Service: Towards a Cost-Effective Model for Multi-Site Cloud Data Management
Tudoran R., Costan A., Antoniu G.
Dans SRDS (2014) [hal-01023282 - version 1]