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fulltext access Paralic confinement computations in coastal environment with interlocked areas
Bernard J.-P., Frenod E., Rousseau A.
Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems - Series S (2014) 0--0 [hal-00833340 - version 1]
Caveats in using the EEN momentum advection scheme: illustration with idealized experiments and sensitivity of ORCA025 solutions
Ducousso N., Le Sommer J., Molines J.-M., Madec G., Debreu L., Lemarié F.
In DRAKKAR/MYOCEAN 2014 Annual Workshop (2014) [hal-00941032 - version 1]
Air-sea interactions and biogeochemical response over the Californian Current System: a numerical study using coupled and uncoupled simulations
Renault L., Lemarié F., Hall A., Deutsch C., Mcwilliams J.C.
Dans 2014 AGU Ocean Sciences Meeting (2014) [hal-00957240 - version 1]
Modeling studies of ocean-atmosphere coupling at the oceanic mesoscale
Colas F., Lemarié F., Oerder V., Masson S., Berthet S.
Dans 2014 AGU Ocean Sciences Meeting (2014) [hal-00957239 - version 1]
A robust videogrametric method for the velocimetry of wind-induced motion in trees
Barbacci A., Diener J., Hémon P., Adam A., Donès N., Reveret L., Moulia B.
Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 184 (2014) 220-229 [hal-00915106 - version 1]
Combining the fourth-corner and the RLQ methods for assessing trait responses to environmental variation.
Dray S., Choler P., Doledec S., Peres-Neto P. R., Pavoine S., Ter Braak Cajo J.F.
Ecology 95, 1 (2014) 14-21 [halsde-00942845 - version 1]
Community assembly effects shape the biodiversity ecosystem functioning relationships
Jaillard B., Rapaport A., Harmand J., Brauman A., Nunan N.
Functional Ecology (2014) [hal-00937779 - version 1]
Upwind residual discretization of enhanced Boussinesq equations for wave propagation over complex bathymetries
Ricchiuto M., Filippini A. G.
Journal of Computational Physics (2014) [hal-00934578 - version 1]
Convergence analysis of macrospreading in 3D heterogeneous porous media
Beaudoin A., De Dreuzy J.-R., Erhel J., Pichot G.
ESAIM: Proceedings 41 (2014) 59-76 [hal-00904436 - version 1]
Le Jour d'après : vers une réflexion sur les modèles climatiques
Erhel J.
Interstices (2013) [hal-00933313 - version 1]