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Cross-Lingual Semantic Similarity Measure for Comparable Articles
Saad M., Langlois D., Smaïli K.
In Advances in Natural Language Processing - 9th International Conference on NLP, PolTAL 2014, Warsaw, Poland, September 17-19, 2014. Proceedings (2014) 105--115 [hal-01067687 - version 1]
Structural, electrical and magnetic properties of epitaxial La0.7Sr0.3CoO3 thin films grown on SrTiO3 and LaAlO3 substrates
Othmen Z., Schulman A., Daoudi K., Boudard M., Acha C., Roussel H., Oueslati M., Tsuchiya T.
Applied Surface Science 306 (2014) 60-65 [hal-01067642 - version 1]
fulltext access On the information carried by programs about the objects they compute
Hoyrup M., Rojas C.
[hal-01067618 - version 1]
fulltext access Intelligent vehicles: integration and issues
Alsayed Z., Bresson G., Merdrignac P., Morignot P., Nashashibi F., Pollard E., Trehard G.
Dans RFIA (2014) [hal-01067615 - version 1]
fulltext access Simple Lyapunov Sampling for Event-Driven Control
Durand S., Marchand N., Guerrero Castellanos J. F.
Dans 18th IFAC World Congress (IFAC WC 2011) (2011) 7 p. [hal-00568102 - version 1]
fulltext access Monotone and Consistent discretization of the Monge-Ampere operator
Benamou J.-D., Collino F., Mirebeau J.-M.
(23/09/2014) [hal-01067540 - version 1]
Anodic deposit from respiration metabolic pathway of Escherichia coli
Nguyen U. H. P., Grekov D., Geiselmann J., Stambouli V., Weidenhaupt M., Delabouglise D.
Electrochimica Acta 130 (2014) 200-205 [hal-01067524 - version 1]
fulltext access Formal verification of a synchronous data-flow compiler : from Signal to C
Ngô V. C.
Université Rennes 1 (01/07/2014), Jean-Pierre Talpin (Dir.) [tel-01067477 - version 1]
STAR - Dépôt national des thèses électroniques
Lower bounds for resource constrained project scheduling problem
Neron E., Artigues C., Baptiste P., Carlier J., Damay J., Demassey S., Laborie P.
In Perspectives in modern project scheduling, Springer's International Series (Ed.) (2006) chap. 7 [hal-01067338 - version 1]
fulltext access Assessing general-purpose algorithms to cope with fail-stop and silent errors
Benoit A., Cavelan A., Robert Y., Sun H.
N° RR 8599 (2014) [hal-01066664 - version 1]