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Modeling the influence of the piano hammer shank flexibility on the sound
Chabassier J., Chaigne A., Joly P.
Dans Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America (Indianaplis) (2014) unknown [hal-01051807 - version 1]
Introduction and study of fourth order theta schemes for linear wave equations
Chabassier J., Imperiale S.
Dans Journées Onde du Sud-Ouest (2014) unknown [hal-01051803 - version 1]
Semiparametric inference for lifetime data with competing risks, additive risks and different mechanisms of missingness
Bordes L., Dauxois J.Y., Joly P.
Dans CFE-ERCIM 2013, London, UK, December 2013 (2013) unknown [hal-01051232 - version 1]
fulltext access Second order mean field games with degenerate diffusion and local coupling
Cardaliaguet P., Graber J., Porretta A., Tonon D.
[hal-01049834 - version 1]
A method for computing curved meshes via the linear elasticity analogy, application to fluid dynamics problems
Abgrall R., Dobrzynski C., Froehly A.
International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids (2014) [hal-01045103 - version 1]
Residual schemes for penalized Navier-Stokes equations on adapted grids
Nouveau L., Abgrall R., Alcin H., Beaugendre H., Dobrzynski C.
Dans ECCM V - ECFD VI (2014) [hal-01045101 - version 1]
Parallel mesh adaptation using parallel graph partitionning
Lachat C., Dobrzynski C., Pellegrini F.
Dans ECCM V - ECFD VI (2014) [hal-01045092 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server Homoclinic connections with many loops near a $0^2 iw$ resonant fixed point for Hamiltonian systems
Jézéquel T., BERNARD P., Lombardi E.
(07/01/2014) [hal-01045008 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server 3D direct and inverse solvers for eddy current testing of deposits in steam generator
Haddar H., Riahi M. K.
(22/07/2014) [hal-01044648 - version 1]
Method and device for elastic registration between a two-dimensional digital image and a slice of a three-dimensional volume with overlapping content
Nikos P., Ferrante E., Marini Silva R.
(10/07/2014) US 2014/0192046 A1 12 - États-Unis [hal-01044647 - version 1]