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fulltext access Efficient RNA Isoform Identification and Quantification from RNA-Seq Data with Network Flows
Bernard E., Jacob L., Mairal J., Vert J.-P.
Bioinformatics (2014) 10.1093/bioinformatics/btu317 [hal-00803134 - version 3]
Towards Modeling Texture in Symbolic Data
Giraud M., Levé F., Mercier F., Rigaudière M., Thorez D.
Dans International Society for Music Information Retrieval Conference - ISMIR (2014) PS1 [hal-01057017 - version 1]
User-centric discretized delivery of rate-adaptive live streams in underprovisioned CDN networks
LIU J., Rosenberg C., SIMON G., TEXIER G.
IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications 32, 4 (2014) 706-718 [hal-01056859 - version 1]
Novel design of RFID UHF passive tag for wideband applications by direct and contactless chip connection
Nguyen D. S., Le X. C., Pham T. T., Nguyen V. H., Dang M. C., Tedjini S.
Dans RFID-Technologies and Applications (RFID-TA), 2012 IEEE International Conference on (2012) 131-136 [hal-01056727 - version 1]
fulltext access Capital distribution and portfolio performance in the mean-field Atlas model
Jourdain B., Reygner J.
(20/08/2014) [hal-00921151 - version 2]
Efficient Resource Allocation in Time-Domain Wavelength Interleaved Networks
Gravey A., Uscumlic B., Pointurier Y., POPESCU I., GRAVEY P., ALAHDAB L.
Dans ONDM 2014 : 18th International Conference on Optical Network Design and Modeling (2014) 293-298 [hal-01056513 - version 1]
A Comparison of Subwavelength Optical Switching Networks for LTE Mobile Backhauling
Pointurier Y., Uscumlic B., GRAVEY A., Wei Q., LOTT M.
Dans ICTON 2014 : 16th International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks (2014) 1-4 [hal-01056477 - version 1]
fulltext access A flexible and tractable class of one-factor copulas
Mazo G., Girard S., Forbes F.
(14/04/2014) [hal-00979147 - version 2]
fulltext access Discretization of functionals involving the Monge-Ampère operator
Benamou J.-D., Carlier G., Mérigot Q., Oudet E.
[hal-01056452 - version 1]
fulltext access Evolution of genes neighborhood within reconciled phylogenies: an ensemble approach
Chauve C., Ponty Y., Zanetti J. P. P.
Dans Brazilian Symposium on Bioinformatics (BSB'14) (2014) TBA [hal-01056140 - version 2]