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New Computational Ordering to Reach High Performance in the Time-domain BEM for the Wave Equation
Bramas B., Coulaud O., Sylvand G.
Dans Sparse Days (2014) [hal-01059540 - version 1]
Locomotion Synthesis for Digital Actors
Pettré J.
Dans Modeling, Simulation and Optimization of Bipedal Walking, Springer Berlin Heidelberg (Ed.) (2013) 187-198 [hal-01059507 - version 1]
Generating EAST-ADL Event Chains from Scenario-Based Requirements Specifications
Koch T., Holtmann J., Deantoni J.
Dans Software Architecture, Springer International Publishing (Ed.) (2014) 146-153 [hal-01059504 - version 1]
Inserting virtual pedestrians into pedestrian groups video with behavior consistency
Ren Z., Gai W., Zhong F., Pettré J., Peng Q.
The Visual Computer 29, 9 (2013) 927-936 [hal-01059502 - version 1]
Parameter estimation and comparative evaluation of crowd simulations
Wolinski D., J Guy S., Olivier A.-H., Lin M., Manocha D., Pettré J.
Computer Graphics Forum 33, 2 (2014) 303--312 [hal-01059493 - version 1]
Imperceptible relaxation of collision avoidance constraints in virtual crowds
Kulpa R., Olivier A.-H., Ondrej J., Pettré J.
ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG) 30, 6 (2011) [hal-01059441 - version 1]
New generation crowd simulation algorithms
Pettré J., Lin M.
Dans ACM SIGGRAPH 2014 Courses (2014) 4 [hal-01059438 - version 1]
Adaptive multi-scale analysis for point-based surface editing
Nader G., Guennebaud G., Mellado N.
Computer Graphics Forum (2014) [hal-01059392 - version 1]
Geometric Modeling and Processing 2014. Special issue of Graphical Models.
Alliez P., He Y., Zhang Y.
Elsevier (Ed.) (2014) 350 [hal-01059390 - version 1]
Power-aware replica placement in tree networks with multiple servers per client
Aupy G., Benoit A., Journault M., Robert Y.
Dans EuroPar - 20th International European Conference on Parallel Processing (2014) [hal-01059365 - version 1]