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fulltext access Nearly Optimal Computations with Structured Matrices
Pan V. Y., Tsigaridas E.
(10/04/2014) [hal-00980591 - version 1]
fulltext access On Characterizing the Data Movement Complexity of Computational DAGs for Parallel Execution
Elango V., Rastello F., Pouchet L.-N., Ramanujam J., Sadayappan P.
N° RR-8522 (2014) [hal-00980580 - version 1]
fulltext access Using a large-scale knowledge database on reactions and regulations to propose key upstream regulators of various sets of molecules participating in cell metabolism
Blavy P., Gondret F., Lagarrigue S., van Milgen J., Siegel A.
BMC Systems Biology 8, 1 (2014) 32 [hal-00980499 - version 1]
A boundary-oriented inverse scattering method based on contour deformations by means of PDE-Driven level sets for radar imaging
Ferraye R., Dauvignac J.-Y., Pichot C., Barlaud M., Blanc-Féraud L., Zolesio J.-P.
Dans European Microwave Conference (EuMW 2000) - Workshop on Microwave Imaging Methods and Techniques (2000) 11-18 [hal-00980454 - version 1]
Nonlinear inversion algorithm for tomographic reconstructions of buried objects
Aliferis I., Dourthe C., Dauvignac J.-Y., Pichot C.
Dans Progress In Electromagnetic Research Symposium (PIERS 2000) (2000) 290 [hal-00980444 - version 1]
Gradient and Newton-Kantarovich methods for microwave tomography
Pichot C., Lobel P., Blanc-Féraud L., Barlaud M., Belkebir K., Elissat J.-M., Geffrin J.-M.
Dans Inverse Problems in Medical Imaging and Nondestructive Testing, Springer-Verlag (Ed.) (1997) 168-187 [hal-00980399 - version 1]
Edge-preserving regularization for quantitative reconstruction algorithms in microwave imaging
Lobel P., Pichot C., Blanc-Féraud L., Barlaud M.
Dans Tomagraphy and Image Processing, Plenum Press (Ed.) (1998) 113-124 [hal-00980398 - version 1]
Bulking II: Classifications of cellular automata
Delorme M., Mazoyer J., Ollinger N., Theyssier G.
Theoretical Computer Science 412, 30 (2011) 3881-3905 [hal-00980377 - version 1]
Bulking I: an Abstract Theory of Bulking
Delorme M., Mazoyer J., Ollinger N., Theyssier G.
Theoretical Computer Science 412, 30 (2011) 3866-3880 [hal-00980376 - version 1]
fulltext access MDE Support for Enterprise Architecture in an Industrial Context: the TEAP Framework Experience
Brunelière H., Cabot J., Drapeau S., Somda F., Piers W., Villa Calle J. D., Lafaurie J.-C.
Dans TowArds the Model DrIveN Organization (AMINO 2013) workshop - a MODELS 2013 Satellite Event (2013) [hal-00869282 - version 1]