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fulltext access Lazier Imperative Programming
Douence R., Tabareau N.
N° RR-8569 (2014) [hal-01025633 - version 2]
fulltext access Brain source localization using a physics-driven structured cosparse representation of EEG signals
Albera L., Kitić S., Bertin N., Puy G., Gribonval R.
Dans 2014 IEEE International Workshop on Machine Learning for Signal Processing (2014) 6 pages [hal-01027609 - version 1]
Patient Specific Image Driven Evaluation of the Aggressiveness of Metastases to the Lung
Colin T., Cornelis F., Jouganous J., Martin M., Saut O.
Dans MICCAI 2014 (2014) 1 [hal-01038074 - version 1]
Modelamiento matemático de crecimiento de tumores, acoplado con angiogénesis tumoral y su uso en la investigación de nuevas estrategias de tratamiento del cáncer
Cumsille P., Quininao C., Conca C., Colin T., Saut O.
A Multilayer Grow-or-Go Model for GBM: Effects of Invasive Cells and Anti-Angiogenesis on Growth.
Colin T., Fathallah H., Lagaert J.-B., Saut O.
Bulletin of Mathematical Biology (2014) to appear [hal-01038063 - version 1]
In vivo mathematical modeling of tumor growth from imaging data : soon to come in the future ?
Colin T., Cornelis F., Saut O., Cumsille P., Lombardi D., Iollo A., Palussiere J.
Diagnostic and Interventional Imaging (2013) 571-574 [hal-01038054 - version 1]
fulltext access Effect Capabilities For Haskell
Figueroa I., Tabareau N., Tanter E.
Dans Brazilian Symposium on Programming Languages (SBLP) (2014) [hal-01038053 - version 1]
Numerical simulations of wormlike micelles flows in micro-fluidic T-shaped junctions
Colin M., Colin T., Dambrine J.
Mathematics and Computers in Simulation (2014) available online 11 march 2014 [hal-01038050 - version 1]
A second order Cartesian finite volume method for elliptic interface and embedded Dirichlet problems
Latige M., Gallice G., Colin T.
Computers and Fluids 83 (2013) 70-76 [hal-01038048 - version 1]
fulltext access On the intersection of a sparse curve and a low-degree curve: A polynomial version of the lost theorem
Koiran P., Portier N., Tavenas S.
[ensl-00871315 - version 2]