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fulltext access Joint Routing and STDMA-based Scheduling to Minimize Delays in Grid Wireless Sensor Networks
Amdouni I., Adjih C., Minet P.
N° RR-8588 (2014) [hal-00952046 - version 3]
fulltext access OSERENA, an Optimized Coloring Algorithm for Dense or Large Scale Wireless Networks
Amdouni I., Pascale M., Adjih C.
N° RR-7785 (2011) [inria-00637875 - version 1]
fulltext access On the Coloring of Grid Wireless Sensor Networks: the Vector-Based Coloring Method
Amdouni I., Adjih C., Minet P.
N° RR-7756 (2011) [inria-00630233 - version 1]
fulltext access Node coloring for dense wireless sensor networks
Amdouni I., Minet P., Adjih C.
N° RR-7588 (2011) [inria-00582457 - version 1]