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fulltext access Learning Semantic and Visual Similarity for Endomicroscopy Video Retrieval
André B., Vercauteren T., Buchner A. M., Wallace M. B., Ayache N.
N° RR-7722 (2011) [inria-00618057 - version 1]
fulltext access Spatiotemporal Atlas Estimation for Developmental Delay Detection in Longitudinal Datasets
Durrleman S., Pennec X., Gerig G., Trouvé A., Ayache N.
N° RR-6952 (2009) [inria-00408293 - version 1]
fulltext access Sparse Approximation of Currents for Statistics on Curves and Surfaces
Durrleman S., Pennec X., Trouvé A., Ayache N.
N° RR-6571 (2008) [inria-00286014 - version 2]
fulltext access Evaluating Brain Anatomical Correlations via Canonical Correlation Analysis of Sulcal Lines
Fillard P., Pennec X., Thompson P. M., Ayache N.
N° RR-6241 (2007) [inria-00159699 - version 3]
fulltext access Dynamic Model of Communicating Hydrocephalus for Surgery Simulation
Clatz O., Litrico S., Delingette H., Ayache N.
N° RR-5934 (2006) [inria-00080553 - version 2]
fulltext access Bi-invariant Means in Lie Groups. Application to Left-invariant Polyaffine Transformations
Arsigny V., Pennec X., Ayache N.
N° RR-5885 (2006) [inria-00071383 - version 1]
fulltext access Measuring Brain Variability by Extrapolating Sparse Tensor Fields Measured on Sulcal Lines
Fillard P., Arsigny V., Pennec X., Hayashi K. M., Thompson P. M., Ayache N.
N° RR-5887 (2006) [inria-00071381 - version 1]
fulltext access Towards a Statistical Atlas of Cardiac Fiber Architecture
Peyrat J.-M., Sermesant M., Delingette H., Pennec X., Xu C., Mcveigh E. R., Ayache N.
N° RR-5906 (2006) [inria-00071359 - version 1]
fulltext access A Fast and Log-Euclidean Polyaffine Framework for Locally Affine Registration
Arsigny V., Commowick O., Pennec X., Ayache N.
N° RR-5865 (2006) [inria-00070161 - version 1]
fulltext access Fast and Simple Computations on Tensors with Log-Euclidean Metrics.
Arsigny V., Fillard P., Pennec X., Ayache N.
N° RR-5584 (2005) [inria-00070423 - version 1]