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fulltext access DIET: New Developments and Recent Results
Amar A., Bolze R., Bouteiller A., Chis A., Caniou Y., Caron E., Kaur Chouhan P., Le Mahec G., Dail H., Depardon B. et al
N° RR-6027; RR-6027 (2006) [inria-00115569 - version 3]
fulltext access Projection of the Array-OL Specification Language onto the Kahn Process Network Computation Model
Amar A., Boulet P., Dumont P.
N° RR-5515 (2005) [inria-00070491 - version 1]
fulltext access Distributed Process Networks Using Half FIFO Queues in CORBA
Amar A., Boulet P., Dekeyser J.-L., Theeuwen F.
N° RR-4765 (2003) [inria-00071821 - version 1]