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fulltext access Construction et validation des éléments Serendip associés á un carreau de degré arbitraire
George P.-L., Borouchaki H., Barral N.
N° RR-8572 (2014) [hal-01052913 - version 1]
fulltext access Can Homomorphic Cryptography ensure Privacy?
Guellier A.
N° RR-8568 (2014) [hal-01052509 - version 1]
fulltext access Personalized PageRank with Node-dependent Restart
Avrachenkov K., Van Der Hofstad R. W., Sokol M.
N° RR-8570 (2014) [hal-01052482 - version 1]
fulltext access Explicit coupling schemes for a fluid-fluid interaction problem arising in hemodynamics
Fernández M. A., Gerbeau J.-F., Smaldone S.
SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing (2014) To appear [hal-00915213 - version 2]
fulltext access Loop-based Modeling of Parallel Communication Traces
Ketterlin A., Kuhn M., Genaud S., Clauss P.
N° RR-8562 (2014) [hal-01044636 - version 1]
fulltext access Lazier Imperative Programming
Douence R., Tabareau N.
N° RR-8569 (2014) [hal-01025633 - version 2]
fulltext access Exomars Rover Mechanical Modeling with Siconos
Michalczyk J., Brémond M., Acary V., Pissard-Gibollet R.
N° RT-0448 (2014) [hal-01025785 - version 1]
fulltext access Parallelization of Scientific Workflows in the Cloud
Liu J., Pacitti E., Valduriez P., Mattoso M.
N° RR-8565 (2014) [hal-01024101 - version 2]
fulltext access Modeling Variability in the Video Domain: Language and Experience Report
Alférez M., Galindo J. A., Acher M., Baudry B.
N° RR-8576 (2014) [hal-01023159 - version 2]
fulltext access Accurate computation of single scattering in participating media with refractive boundaries
Holzschuch N.
N° RR-8312 (2014) [hal-00829237 - version 4]