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SoC-Trace Infrastructure

Generoso Pagano () a1, Vania Marangonzova-Martin () b1

N° RT-0427 (2012)

Abstract: Execution traces are a powerful instrument for debugging and profiling embedded applications. The SoC-Trace project aims at developing an open-source trace management infrastructure able to exploit multi-core embedded-systems execution traces. This document describes the first prototype of the trace management infrastructure, clarifying its objectives and describing its system and software architectures. The infrastructure provides, in the first place, a generic data-model representing the main concepts needed for trace management. Furthermore, the infrastructure provides a relational-database implementation of this model and a software library to interface with the database in a convenient way. The proposed prototype allows the user to deal with traces of different formats, to access them through a common interface and finally to save analysis results. Providing shared and reusable mechanisms, the trace management infrastructure facilitates the cooperation among different tools, thus creating an innovative and complex trace analysis environment.

  • a –  INRIA
  • b –  Université Joseph Fourier - Grenoble I
  • 1:  MESCAL (INRIA Grenoble Rhône-Alpes / LIG laboratoire d'Informatique de Grenoble)
  • CNRS : UMR5217 – INRIA – Université Joseph Fourier - Grenoble I – Institut polytechnique de Grenoble (Grenoble INP) – Laboratoire d'Informatique de Grenoble : LIG
  • Collaboration : STMicroelectronics
  • Domain : Computer Science/Embedded Systems
  • Keywords : Execution traces – debugging – profiling – embedded systems – multi-core – open source – trace management – infrastructure – data-model – database – trace formats – SoC
  • Internal note : RT-0427
  • Available versions :  v1 (2012-07-20) v2 (2012-11-29)
  • hal-00719745, version 2
  • oai:hal.inria.fr:hal-00719745
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  • Submitted on: Wednesday, 28 November 2012 14:25:20
  • Updated on: Thursday, 29 November 2012 13:32:26