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Synthesis of Online Handwriting in Indian Languages

C.V. Jawahar () 1, A. Balasubramanian 1

Tenth International Workshop on Frontiers in Handwriting Recognition (2006)

Abstract: Synthesis of handwriting has a variety of applications including generation of personalized documents, study of writing styles, automatic generation of data for training recognizers, and matching of handwritten data for retrieval. Most of the existing algorithms for handwriting synthesis deal with English, where the spatial layout of the components are relatively simple, while the cursiveness of the script introduces many challenges. In this paper, we present a synthesis model for generating handwritten data for Indian languages, where the layout of characters is complex while the script is fundamentally non-cursive. The algorithm learns from annotated data and improves its representation with feedback.

  • 1:  Center for Visual Information Technology (CVIT)
  • International Institute of Information Technology
  • Domain : Computer Science/Document and Text Processing
    Computer Science/Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
  • Keywords : Online Handwriting – Synthesis – Indian Scripts
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  • inria-00105121, version 1
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