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Allograph Based Writer Adaptation for Handwritten Character Recognition

Kumar Chellapilla () 1, Patrice Simard () 1, Ahmad Abdulkader () 1

Tenth International Workshop on Frontiers in Handwriting Recognition (2006)

Abstract: Writer adaptation is the process of converting a generic (writer-independent) handwriting recognizer into a personalized (writer-dependent) recognizer with improved accuracy for a particular user. While training the generic recognizer uses large amounts of data from several writers, the adaptation process uses only a few samples from a single user. In this paper we present a) an automatic approach for identifying allographs (character shapes/styles) from handwritten characters through clustering, b) a novel architecture for a personalizable recognizer that utilizes allograph information, and c) a kernel based approach for personalizing the recognizer. Using the new approach, personalization results with twenty one users indicate that handwritten single character recognition errors can be reduced by over 24% (or 41%) using as few as 5 (or 15) samples.

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  • Domain : Computer Science/Document and Text Processing
    Computer Science/Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
  • Keywords : Writer adaptation – personalization – allographs – handwriting – character recognition
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  • inria-00112632, version 1
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