Algorithmes, Graphes et Combinatoire

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Sparse graphs Bidimensionality ALGORITHME Degree-constrained subgraph NP-completeness Duality Approximation algorithms Discharging method Discharging procedure Basis Common Intervals Graph coloring Treewidth 2-distance coloring Combinatorics Edge coloring Avoidability Linear kernels Analysis of algorithms Approximation Square coloring Graph algorithms Parameterized complexity Kernelization Graph minors Graph colouring Non-crossing partitions Graphs Analyse prédicative Hardness of approximation Computational complexity Connectivity Graph Minors Branchwidth GRAPHS Pattern avoidance Breadth First Search Butterfly Well-quasi-ordering Oriented coloring Algorithmique des graphes Activity Graphs on surfaces Graph decomposition Matroid Girth Interval graphs Clause implication Oriented matroid Planar graph Discharging Protrusion decomposition Coverings in graphs LexBFS FPT algorithm Complexity Cutwidth Optical networks Permutation graphs Algorithms Tournament Digraph homomorphism Clique tree Chordal graphs Traffic grooming Directed graph Domination Hyperplane arrangement Bijection Dynamic programming Packings in graphs Erdős–Pósa property Planar graphs Circuit design Coloration Complexité paramétrée Graph Distance constrained colouring Tutte polynomial Distance-hereditary graphs Phylogenetic networks Minimal triangulation Carving-width Degree sequence Approximation algorithm Fixed-parameter tractability Linkages Clique separator decomposition Boolean mapping Graph theory Maximum average degree MCS Graph drawing Densité des idées Memory optimization Parameterized algorithms Combinatoire Algorithm Clique-width Branch-width