This collection presents the publications of the Laboratory of Excellence in Chemical Kinetics and Aerothermodynamics for Clean and Safe Propulsion and Energy Systems - Labex CAPRYSSES (ANR-11-LABX-0006-01) which brings together 150 researchers, lecturers/researchers and PhD students.
Supported by the ICARE and PRISME laboratories, Labex CAPRYSSES maintains cooperation with 25 industrial partners.

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Délais d’auto-inflammation Alcohol Turbulent flame Gas chromatography GC Flame speed Dipropyl ether Oxidation Electric field Plasma Actuator Chemiluminescence Hydrogen Bombe sphérique Darrieus–Landau instability Flame Propyl acetate Combustion kinetics model chemkin Kinetic modelling HOMs Aldehydes Swirling flame Flame-vortex interaction Cellular wavelength Dimethyl ether Electric current Efficiency function Flow regimes Densified gas Residence time Cellular instabilities Curvature/stretch effects Oxygen enrichment Combustion Flammability CO 2 capture Differential diffusion Grid-generated turbulence · Multi-scale forcing · Premixed combustion Alcool 3-pentanol Laser Rayleigh scattering Flame stretch Anisole Active flow control Cavity ringdown spectroscopy Flame front thinning/thickening Flame-vortex Ketohydroperoxides Essence Flame morphology Kinetic model Flame vortex interactions Concentration species profiles 12-dimethoxyethane Chromatographie gazeuse GC Rarefied flow Supersonic Ignition Flame wrinkling Vortex strain Kinetic modeling Diacetyle Gasoline Dual-bell nozzle At-source primary sulfate Flow reactor Biofuels Droplet Vaporization Flame Brush Flame/vortex interaction CH4-air CO2 dilution Ab initio calculations SOA Shock tube Kinetics modeling Biofuel Butyl Formate Jet-stirred reactor Biocarburants Turbulent premixed combustion Butane-23‑dione Biogas Aluminium Auto-ignition Aerosol flame Orbitrap FREI Jet-Stirred reactor High resolution mass spectrometry Pyrolysis Ab initio Calculations DES Dimethoxymethane Auto-ignition delay Diethyl ether 2-dimethoxyethane Droplet support fiber Ionization of plasmas Pentanol Combustion derived-PAH