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Overlapping generations M&A Deforestation Impact evaluation Nudges Long-distance bus industry Impure altruism Margin buying Field experiments Climate change Land management Beauty contest games International trade Nudge Flood policies Hopf bifurcation Irrigation water use Behavioral economics Pesticides Insurance Common agricultural policy Ex-post analysis Aquaculture Effciency Persuasion Farmers Difference aversion Agents Coordination game Housing market Amenity value Abatement Behavioral bias Macron Law Equity Choice experiment Certification Difference-in-difference estimation Time inconsistency Policy design Natural hazards Information Irrigation Changement climatique COM Incentives Laboratory experiments dictator games Capital market integration Mitigation Behaviour Economic valuation Licensing Heterogeneous damages Consolidation Difference in difference Hyperbolic discounting Social norms Hedonic Price Analysis Sustainability Bubble Inequality aversion Drought Inequality Brazil Freedom Limit cycles Ecosystem services Moral inconsistency Levee effect Cleansing Behavioural economics Social welfare motivation Individual adaptation decisions Goverment policy Environmental policy Identifiability bias Framing Background risk Coffee Inventory credit Commitment savings Environment Externalities Ex ante and ex post views of fairness Public debt Cooperation Flood risk Externality Biodiversity offset Commitment Deregulated industries Eau Dictator game Experimental asset market Experimental economics Agri-environmental schemes Adaptation Taking game Iterative reasoning Pollution

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