6th EUROSPF 2008 Conference - CARCASSONNE, France

  The 6th European Conference on Superplastic Forming will take place in the old city of Carcassonne from 3-5 September 2008.
  The EUROSPF 2008 conference will be the 6th event since 2001, Villard-de-Lans,F, 2002, Bristol, UK, 2004, Albi, F, and 2005, Manchester, UK, Schwerin,D, 2007.

  The conference is being organised by CROMeP (Centre de Recherche Outillage, Matériaux et Procédés - Research Centre on Tools, Materials and Forming Processes) of Ecole Mines Albi.



  The EUROSPF2008 conference is focused on all aspects related to SuperPlastic forming and SPF/DB (SuperPlastic Forming/Diffusion Bonding), i.e. material science, process simulation, press design, die optimisation, part manufacturing, innovative low cost processes.

  The purpose of the annual EUROSPF international conference is to allow an exchange between scientists and industrials working on all SPF aspects.


  Anybody with an interest in the state-of-the-art and the future trends of SuperPlastic Forming is invited to participate.



  Program committee EUROSPF:

  Richard Curtis, IOM3, UK
  Jean-Jacques Blandin, GPM2/CNRS,Grenoble France
  Gerard Bernhart, CROMeP, Albi, France
  Werner Beck, FORMTECH, Weyhe-Dreye, Germany




  Ing. Patrice Barnet, Eramet-Aubert&Duval, Ancizes, France
  Prof. Gerard Bernhart, CROMeP, Albi, France
  Prof. Thierry Cutard, CROMeP, Albi, France
  Prof. Philippe Lours, CROMeP, Albi, France
  Dr. Vincent Velay, CROMeP, Albi, France
  Mrs. Catherine Maffre, CROMeP, Albi, France
  Dr.-Ing. Fabien Nazaret, AUROCK, Albi, France
  Dr.-Ing. Olivier Barrau, AUROCK, Albi, France