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Agronomie Alignement d’ontologies Data Mining Data Laboratory CIDOC-CRM Data Lab Coastal Hazards FRBRoo Cooperative Infrmation Systems Potentially Avoidable Hospitalizations Classification NoSQL graph databases Data Heterogeneities Anchoring Web sémantique Ontologies biomédicales Sensor Web Enablement Metadata Annotation sémantique Ontologies Geographic Information Ontology Business Rules Architecture ouverte Schema matching Cypher Background knowledge Approximate Cypher Queries Approximate queries Automatic Software Understanding Data Gravity Agriculture Data integration Claims Search and Statistics Linked data Spatial Maps Semantic indexing O-Life Semantic annotation Cypher query language Data Reservoirs RDF Autisme diagnosis Web of data Snow monitoring Ontology repository Linked Data Environmental Observatory Big data Computational social choice BioPortal Mapping selection Data Governance Knowledge Graphs Semantic web Ontology Matching Alignment incoherence Archiving scientific data Background knowledge selection Data interlinking Argumentation Data linking Data Management Ontology alignment Graph Databases Données liées Requirements Engineering NoSQL Graph Databases Biodiversity Cypherf Alignement d'ontologies Biomedical ontologies Claims Calcul scientifique Gradual Patterns Ingénierie des Exigences Acquisition de terminologie Attributs ordinaux Lebanon Data Linking Linked open data Background Knowledge Analyse formelle de concepts Agronomy Architecture Data Lake NoSQL Ontology matching Gradual patterns Concept Label Approximate reasoning Instance matching Connaissances imprécises Benchmark Blockchain Fact-checking Ontologie Cartography Visualization Cross-lingualisme Contrats locaux de santé