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Chargement de la page

Table of Contents
Open Source Systems
Francis Bordeleau, Alberto Sillitti, Paulo Meirelles, Valentina Lenarduzzi
Front Matter

Innovation in Curricula

Building an Open-Source Cross-Cloud DevOps Stack for a CRM Enterprise Application: A Case Study
Sebastian Schork, Feroz Zahid, Dipesh Pradhan, Sébastien Kicin, Antonia Schwichtenberg
Open Source Vulnerability Notification
Brandon Carlson, Kevin Leach, Darko Marinov, Meiyappan Nagappan, Atul Prakash

Organizational Aspects of FLOSS Projects

EJ: A Free Software Platform for Social Participation
Fábio Mendes, Ricardo Poppi, Henrique Parra, Bruna Moreira
Introducing Agile Product Owners in a FLOSS Project
Matthias Müller, Christian Schindler, Wolfgang Slany
What Are the Perception Gaps Between FLOSS Developers and SE Researchers?
Yutaro Kashiwa, Akinori Ihara, Masao Ohira

FLOSS Adoption

Fifteen Years of Open Source Software Evolution
Francis Bordeleau, Paulo Meirelles, Alberto Sillitti
Open Source Software Community Inclusion Initiatives to Support Women Participation
Vandana Singh, William Brandon
Predicting Popularity of Open Source Projects Using Recurrent Neural Networks
Sefa Sahin, Kubilay Karpat, Ayse Tosun
What Attracts Newcomers to Onboard on OSS Projects? TL;DR: Popularity
Felipe Fronchetti, Igor Wiese, Gustavo Pinto, Igor Steinmacher
Why Do Developers Adopt Open Source Software? Past, Present and Future
Valentina Lenarduzzi, Davide Tosi, Luigi Lavazza, Sandro Morasca
Why Do People Give Up FLOSSing? A Study of Contributor Disengagement in Open Source
Courtney Miller, David Widder, Christian Kästner, Bogdan Vasilescu

FLOSS Cost and Licences

Open Source for Open Source License Compliance
Oliver Fendt, Michael Jaeger
Opportunity Costs in Free Open-Source Software
Siim Karus

FLOSS Education and Training

Does FLOSS in Software Engineering Education Narrow the Theory-Practice Gap? A Study Grounded on Students’ Perception
Debora Nascimento, Christina Flach garcia chavez, Roberto Bittencourt
Faculty Development for FLOSS Education
Becka Morgan, Gregory Hislop, Heidi Ellis


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