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Table of Contents
Machine Learning for Networking.
Selma Boumerdassi, Eric Renault, Paul Muhlethaler
Front Matter
Network Anomaly Detection Using Federated Deep Autoencoding Gaussian Mixture Model
Yang Chen, Junzhe Zhang, Chai Yeo
Towards a Hierarchical Deep Learning Approach for Intrusion Detection
Francois Alin, Amine Chemchem, Florent Nolot, Olivier Flauzac, Michaël Krajecki
Network Traffic Classification Using Machine Learning for Software Defined Networks
Menuka Perera Jayasuriya Kuranage, Kandaraj Piamrat, Salima Hamma
A Comprehensive Analysis of Accuracies of Machine Learning Algorithms for Network Intrusion Detection
Anurag Das, Samuel Ajila, Chung-Horng Lung
Q-routing: from the algorithm to the routing protocol
Alexis Bitaillou, Benoît Parrein, Guillaume Andrieux
Language Model Co-occurrence Linking for Interleaved Activity Discovery
Eoin Rogers, John Kelleher, Robert Ross
Achieving Proportional Fairness in WiFi Networks via Bandit Convex Optimization
Golshan Famitafreshi, Cristina Cano
Denoising Adversarial Autoencoder for Obfuscated Traffic Detection and Recovery
Ola Salman, Imad Elhajj, Ayman Kayssi, Ali Chehab
Root Cause Analysis of Reduced Accessibility in 4G Networks
Diogo Ferreira, Carlos Senna, Paulo Salvador, Luís Cortesão, Cristina Pires, Rui Pedro, Susana Sargento
Space-time pattern extraction in alarm logs for network diagnosis
Achille Salaün, Anne Bouillard, Marc-Olivier Buob
Machine Learning Methods for Connection RTT and Loss Rate Estimation Using MPI Measurements Under Random Losses
Nageswara Rao, Neena Imam, Zhengchun Liu, Rajkumar Kettimuthu, Ian Foster
Algorithm Selection and Model Evaluation in Application Design Using Machine Learning
Srikanth Bethu, B. Sankara Babu, K. Madhavi, P. Gopala Krishna
GAMPAL: Anomaly Detection for Internet Backbone Traffic by Flow Prediction with LSTM-RNN
Taku Wakui, Takao Kondo, Fumio Teraoka
Revealing User Behavior by Analyzing DNS Traffic
Martín Panza, Diego Madariaga, Javier Bustos-Jiménez
A New Approach to Determine the Optimal Number of Clusters Based on the Gap Statistic
Jaekyung Yang, Jong-Yeong Lee, Myoungjin Choi, Yeongin Joo
MLP4NIDS: An Efficient MLP-Based Network Intrusion Detection for CICIDS2017 Dataset
Arnaud Rosay, Florent Carlier, Pascal Leroux
Random Forests with a Steepend Gini-Index Split Function and Feature Coherence Injection
Mandlenkosi Gwetu, Jules-Raymond Tapamo, Serestina Viriri
Emotion-Based Adaptive Learning Systems
Sai Taurah, Jeshta Bhoyedhur, Roopesh Sungkur
Machine learning methods for anomaly detection in IoT networks, with illustrations
Vassia Bonandrini, Jean-François Bercher, Nawel Zangar
DeepRoute: Herding Elephant and Mice Flows with Reinforcement Learning
Mariam Kiran, Bashir Mohammed, Nandini Krishnaswamy
Arguments Against Using the 1998 DARPA Dataset for Cloud IDS Design and Evaluation and Some Alternative
Paulo Faria Quinan, Issa Traore, Isaac Woungang, Abdulaziz Aldribi, Onyekachi Nwamuo
Estimation of the Hidden Message Length in Steganography: A Deep Learning Approach
François Kasséné Gomis, Thierry Bouwmans, Mamadou Samba Camara, Idy Diop
An Adaptive Deep Learning Algorithm Based Autoencoder for Interference Channels
Dehao Wu, Maziar Nekovee, Yue Wang
A Learning Approach for Road Traffic Optimization in Urban Environments
Ahmed Mejdoubi, Ouadoudi Zytoune, Hacene Fouchal, Mohamed Ouadou
CSI based indoor localization using Ensemble Neural Networks
Abdallah Sobehy, Eric Renault, Paul Muhlethaler
Bayesian Classifiers in Intrusion Detection Systems
Mardini-Bovea Johan, De-La-Hoz-Franco Emiro, Molina-Estren Diego, Paola Ariza-Colpas, Ortíz Andrés, Ortega Julio, César Cárdenas, Carlos Collazos-Morales
A Novel Approach Towards Analysis of Attacker Behavior in DDoS Attacks
Himanshu Gupta, Tanmay Kulkarni, Lov Kumar, Neti Murthy
Jason-RS, A Collaboration Between Agents and an IoT Platform
Hantanirina Rafalimanana, Jean Razafindramintsa, Sylvain Cherrier, Thomas Mahatody, Laurent George, Victor Manantsoa
Scream to Survive(S2S): Intelligent System to Life-Saving in Disasters Relief
Nardjes Bouchemal, Aissa Serrar, Yehya Bouzeraa, Naila Bouchmemal
Association Rules Algorithms for Data Mining Process Based on Multi Agent System
Imane Belabed, Mohammed Talibi Alaoui, Jaara El Miloud, Abdelmajid Belabed
Internet of Things: Security Between Challenges and Attacks
Benali Cherif, Zaidi Sahnoun, Maamri Ramdane, Bouchemal Nardjes
Socially and Biologically Inspired Computing for Self-organizing Communications Networks
Juan Ospina, Joaquín Sánchez, Jorge Ortiz, Carlos Collazos-Morales, Paola Ariza-Colpas


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