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[hal-02503507] A Mountaineering Strategy to Excited States: Highly-Accurate Energies and Benchmarks for Exotic Molecules and Radicals  (5/14/20)   Moins
Aiming at completing the sets of FCI-quality transition energies that we recently developed (\textit{J.~Chem.~Theory Comput.} \textbf{14} (2018) 4360--4379, \textit{ibid.}~\textbf{15} (2019) 1939--1956, and \textit{ibid.}~\textbf{16} (2020) 1711--1741), we provide, in the present contribution, ultra-accurate vertical excitation energies for a series of "exotic" closed-shell molecules containing F, Cl, P, and Si atoms and small radicals, such as CON and its variants, that were not considered to date in such investigations. This represents a total of 81 high-quality transitions obtained with a series of diffuse-containing basis sets of various sizes. For the exotic compounds, these transitions are used to perform benchmarks with a vast array of lower-level models, i.e. CIS(D), EOM-MP2, (SOS/SCS)-CC2, STEOM-CCSD, CCSD, CCSDR(3), CCSDT-3, (SOS-)ADC(2), and ADC(3). Additional comparisons are made with literature data. For the open-shell compounds, we have compared the performances of both the unrestricted and restricted open-shell CCSD and CC3 formalisms.

[hal-02488633] A new spectroscopic method for measuring ferric diffusion coefficient in gelatin-based dosimeter gels  (2/29/20)   Plus
[hal-02485688] Variational principles in quantum Monte Carlo: the troubled story of variance minimization  (3/2/20)   Plus
[hal-02481706] The DIRAC code for relativistic molecular calculations  (5/28/20)   Plus
[hal-02346969] A Density-Based Basis-Set Incompleteness Correction for GW Methods  (3/2/20)   Plus
[hal-02475410] Pros and Cons of the Bethe-Salpeter Formalism for Ground-State Energies  (4/28/20)   Plus
[hal-02468242] Spin adaptation with determinant-based selected configuration interaction  (3/2/20)   Plus
[hal-02468226] The Quest For Highly Accurate Excitation Energies: A Computational Perspective  (5/3/20)   Plus
[hal-02403471] A Mountaineering Strategy to Excited States: Highly-Accurate Energies and Benchmarks for Medium Size Molecules  (2/28/20)   Plus
[hal-02088494] Influence of Pseudopotentials on Excitation Energies From Selected Configuration Interaction and Diffusion Monte Carlo  (2/28/20)   Plus


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