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Department 1: Algorithms, Computation, Image & Geometry

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Image registration Hybrid systems Noise System identification Full-field measurement Orbifolds Checkerboard 3D Printing Hyperelliptic curves Switched regression Margin classifiers Polynomial selection Regression Digital geometry Logarithme discret Displacement Cryptography Impression 3D Rademacher complexity Neural networks Computer vision Deconvolution Factorization Optimization Delaunay triangulation Metrology Parallel robot 3D printing GPU Modeling Dominant point Géométrie discrète Complexity Computer algebra Optimal pattern Computer Assisted Surgery Cylindrical algebraic decomposition Cryptographie Additive manufacturing Finite fields Kinematics Additive Manufacturing Isogénies Discrete hyperplane Voronoi diagrams Abelian varieties Courbes elliptiques Delaney-Dress tiling theory Convex relaxation Couplage Parallel computing Topology Metrological performance Numerical algorithm Finite field Number Field Sieve Learning theory Segmentation Discrete logarithm Windowed Fourier analysis Convex optimization Corps finis Courbes hyperelliptiques Fabrication Probabilistic analysis Discrete logarithm problem Function field sieve Discrete geometry Fonctions thêta Algorithm Heteroscedastic noise Digital image correlation Faithful rounding Sparsity Localized spectrum analysis Medical imaging Piecewise affine systems Design Software Singularities Grid method Classification Deep learning Dominant points Cryptanalysis Shape modeling Differentiator Delaunay triangulations Theta functions Bivariate system Algorithms Global optimization Number field sieve Machine learning Crible algébrique Augmented reality Biomechanical Modeling Computational geometry Inverted pendulum Discrete structure