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HAL collection of the Multidisciplinary Observatory of the Alpes-Maritimes


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Tractography Neural networks GANs CCS Concepts • Computing methodologies → Image manipulation Diffusion MRI Cognitive control Citizen science Automated healthcare for older adults Deep learning Autoregressive model Bifurcation-diagram Convolutional neural networks Convolutional neural network Autonomous robot CCS CONCEPTS • Computing methodologies → Shape modeling Biomechanical simulation Generative adversarial networks Adrien Bousseau MEG Cardiac modelling Multiple Sclerosis Automated regional segmentation Attention Material capture Axon conduction velocity Block-Jacobi smoother Atherosclerosis Argument Mining Appearance capture Attention Mechanism Machine learning Catastrophic forgetting Finite element method COVID-19 Agglomeration Clustering Visual data classification Spherical Harmonics Sketch-based modeling Clinical trials Reconstruction Stable decomposition Bayesian learning Action recognition A posteriori estimate Gaussian Process CCS Concepts • Computing methodologies → Image-based rendering Multigrid method Arguments Alzheimer's disease Artificial intelligence $p$-robustness OPAL-Meso Bayesian modeling Line drawing Argument Classification A posteriori error estimate Schwarz method Domain adaptation Adversarial Training Segmentation Frame field SVBRDF Brain networks CCS Concepts Semantic segmentation Image processing Mean-field limit Brain parcellation Compressible flows Adaptive smoothing Alignement Automatic plant identification 3D Fully Convolutional Networks Deep Learning Additional Key Words and Phrases Image-based rendering EEG Classification with reject option Acquisition de matériaux Adversarial training Cognitive Dense labeling Remote sensing CCS Concepts • Computing methodologies → Reflectance modeling Classification avec option de rejet Biological neural networks Image segmentation Brain network PET Imaging Circuits Appearance cap- ture Alzheimer's Disease Athérosclérose 3D reconstruction Action understanding Apprentissage profond Structural Connectivity Gaunt Coefficients Biomarkers Behavior

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