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Quantum Dynamics Network (QDN) publications


Dipolar bosons Diabatization Vibronic couplings Photochemistry Light-matter interactions Angular momentum Multi-component systems Many-body physics Ground states Errata Polyspherical Artificial Neuron Networks ANN Collisions Cold atoms Faraday waves Dipolar Bose-Einstein condensates Rotational-vibrational energy transfer Electric field LR-MCTDHB Excited states Potential energy surfaces Tunnel effect Hubbard models BEC Physical Sciences Bose-Einstein condensation Cages Quantum dynamics Granulation Molecular physics Operator Quantum mechanical principles Perturbation theory Nuclear quantum effects Chemical Physics Letters Quantum Dynamics Angular Momentum Dipolar interactions Coherence properties Predissociation photodissociation Optical lattices MCTDHF Energy MCTDH-X Inelastic Molecular dynamics Dicke model Cavity-BEC IVR Hydrogen Absorption spectroscopy Stereochemistry Redshift Complete nuclear-permutation-inversion group Schrödinger equation Schrödinger Equation Fermionization Excited electronic states Photochromism Quantum chemical dynamics Molecule transport characteristics Cavity BEC Light-matter interaction Quantum chemistry Photochemical reactions Bose-Einstein Condensates BEC Diffuse spectra Quantum phases Organic compounds Tunneling effect Many-body systems Ethene Lattices Confinement Curvilinear coordinates MCTDH Large-amplitude deformations Correlation functions Phase measurement Ethylene Fragmentation Bose-Einstein condensates Crystallization Isomers Ab initio calculations General molecular conformation and symmetry Reactive Dynamical symmetry Formic acid Potential energy Electronic structure of polymers Bound states Kinetic H2CS Quantum Monte Carlo MCTDHB Spectroscopy Entropy Neural networks Clathrate hydrate Http//ultracoldorg