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Facilities planning and design Distribution Supply chain Business School Simulation Brand community Beauty Blue economy Heuristic Attractivite Proximity Organisational Flexible manufacturing systems Apprentis Developpement Experimental approaches Meta-heuristics Networks Collaboration inter-firm coordination organizational structure supply chain design Mathematic model Customs certifications Diversification Forecast Accuracy Corporate Governance Withdrawal right France Economic Coordination Analysis Optimization Branding Scheduling Management Acheteurs-fournisseurs ICN Hybrid flowshop Diversity Espace urbain Failure rates Metz Genetic algorithm Manufacturing system Logisticien Apprentissage Control Urban logistic Analyse Availability of machine Food chain Grande Région Policy Stochastic fluid model Finance cluster Component commonality Industry Gender Conduite automobile Degradation Formation Eco-logistics Emploi Durabilité Generation Y Influence Luxembourg Brand network community Création d’entreprise Green Supply Chain Economics of production Accident vasculaire cérébral Mixed blocking constraints Green Transport Formations supérieures Etude Apprentissage ludique Green Supply Chain Management Empirical Study European Economic development Practices Africa Hybrid job-shop Activité de flux Degradation of machine Gestion achats Déterminants d’adoption Flowshop scheduling problem Infinitesimal perturbation analysis Green IT Industrial Green IT RSE typologie déterminants d’adoption Logistics Optimisation Board of Directors Blocking constraints Environment Logistique Delivery time Cluster Maritime Compétences