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. Glyph-colour, blue indicates low anisotropy (local trough) (Voxel) Line-colour: thick-green: Maxima, thin-green: Minima, fine-blue: Saddle points Fig. 3. RGB representation: red:X, green:Y, blue:Z. Left: DTI eigenvector, brightness: FA. Centre: ODF-T maximum, brightness: corresponding PFA-T. Right: ODF-SA maximum

P. and G. Top-row, (f) Total-PFA-SA from ODF-SA. 3rd column: Number-of-maxima from (c) ODF-T and (g) ODF-SA. Total-PFA measures the starriness or peakedness of an SF and emphasizes local sub-voxel anisotropy. Green arrow indicates regions with no crossings (dark in 3rd col.) but high local anisotropy (bright in Total-PFA) like the CC and the CST. Red arrow indicates regions with many crossings (bright in 3rd col.) and with high local anisotropy (bright in Total-PFA) like where the CC, CST and SLF intersect. However, these regions have low GFA values. Orange arrow indicates regions with high crossings (bright in 3rd col.) but with low local anisotropy (dark in Total-PFA) These regions also Persistent angular structure: new insights fom diffusion magnetic resonance imaging data, Fig. Inverse Problems, vol.4, issue.19, pp.1031-1046, 2003.

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