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. Samir, Hello my name is Samir, the product designer Samir: What are you doing here young people?

. Samir, You are in the right place. The plans are in the closet Samir: Before would you like to hear about my job, the studies I did or my colleagues

. Samir, Well, for instance, is me who devise and design the items we construct in this enterprise Samir: Do you want to know more about my colleagues or about the security measures applied here?

. Samir, My job is universal! In fact it can please both girls that boys

. Samir, In your opinion, what studies should be done to get there Julie: Designing studies?

. Samir, This is a creative job Several training can lead to the job arts, industrial design, computer-aided design

. Samir, G. Well, and . Luck, Bye! B. Translation to English of a dialog with the QA system, Dialog between the raw material operator (the system) and Julie (the player), it corresponds to the 8th dialog in Table 1