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. Inferring-input-type, 1>T) root_empty returns: false expr_union returns:(~<-2>T & ~<-1>T) elem_elem element r {child::* } , r($1, $Epsilon) expr_union child::* , EPSILON | b($Epsilon, $Epsilon) | b($Epsilon, $2) child_empty: $v child::* , EPSILON child_empty returns (X1 & ~<1>T) expr_union child, Epsilon)|b($Epsilon,$2) child_elem: $v child::* , b($Epsilon, $Epsilon) child_elem returns:(b & ~<1>T & <-1>X1 & ~<2>T) child_elem: $v child::* , b($Epsilon, $2) child_elem returns:(b & ~<1>T & <-1>X1 & <2>(mu X2.((~<1>T & b & <2>X2) | (~<1>T & b & ~<2>T)))) expr_union returns:((b & ~<1>T & <-1>X1 & ~<2>T) | (b & ~<1>T & <-1>X1 & <2>(mu X2.((~<1>T & b & <2>X2) | (~<1>T & b & ~<2>T)))))

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