. Scenario_simple, json Scenario-Simple_XOR.json Scenario-Simple_XOR-proba-corpus.json Scenario-Simple_XOR-proba.json AmygdalaConfig_Simple-XOR-SimpleCortex.json CortexConfig_Simple-XOR-SimpleCortex.json For the Double XOR (sec. 3.3) we have Scenario-Double_XOR.json Scenario-Double_XOR-proba.json AmygdalaConfig-Double_XOR.json CortexConfig-Double_XOR.json And nally for the Double Mapped XOR and Double mapped crossed XOR (sec. 5.4, Scenario-Double_map.json Scenario-Double_map_crossed.json AmygdalaConfig_Double_map.json CortexConfig_Double_map.json Notice that the Splitted Amygdala uses only the behaviour constants for the Amygdalas and denes manually the sizes of its component Amygdalas based on the denition of the problem to solve

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